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5 x Kyocera TK1164 Genuine Toner Cartridge - 7,200 pages

5 x Kyocera TK1164 Genuine Toner Cartridge - 7,200 pages

Eco-Friendly Envirotech Kyocera TK1164 Toner Cartridge - 7,200 pages (Australia Made)

  • Eco-Friendly Alternative - Made from 100% recycled genuine cartridges
  • Australian Made - Australia's only high quality Toner brand exclusive to Ecotech
  • Hand Made - each cartridge is hand made and tested by Australian workers, ensuring quality
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Green Printing Revolution: Envirotech Kyocera TK-1164  – Superior Quality Meets Sustainability

Experience Australia's Only Locally Made Printing Solution with Kyocera TK-1164 Envirotech – Exclusively at Ecotech Print Solutions! Pioneering in eco-friendly innovation, this printer cartridge sets new standards in sustainability and quality. As Australia's sole Australian Made alternative, the Kyocera TK-1164 Envirotech delivers unparalleled print precision while championing environmental stewardship. Embrace the future of high-efficiency printing with our exclusive offering at Ecotech Print Solutions, where performance and planet-conscious practices go hand-in-hand. Join the green printing revolution today – Choose Envirotech for a better planet and superior printing!