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Apeos C3060 / C2560 / C2060

FujiFilm Apeos C3060 A3 Colour Multifunction Printer - 30ppm

FujiFilm Apeos C2450s A3 Multifunction Printer + additional tray + Caninet - 24ppm

  • Authorised FujiFilm Partner
  • 3 year on-site warranty as standard
  • high speed dual scanner.
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Fuji Xerox

Introducing the FujiFilm Apeos C2450s – The Pinnacle of A3 Multifunction Printing

Elevate your office's document management capabilities with the FujiFilm Apeos C2450s, the latest advancement in A3 multifunction printing technology. Available through EcoTech Print Solutions, a distinguished FujiFilm partner, this printer embodies the pinnacle of efficiency, technology, and sustainability. With over 25 years of industry leadership, EcoTech Print Solutions offers not just a printer but a comprehensive printing solution tailored to modern business needs.

Why Choose the FujiFilm Apeos C2450s?

Advanced Technology: State-of-the-art features for printing, scanning, copying, and faxing (optional), all in one robust device.
Superior Efficiency: High-speed output with exceptional quality, designed for maximum productivity.
Sustainable Operation: Eco-friendly features that reduce environmental impact and operational costs.

Your Benefits with EcoTech Print Solutions:

FujiFilm Partnership: As a trusted FujiFilm partner, EcoTech offers exclusive insights and deals on FujiFilm products.
Exclusive Price Savings: Access to special pricing on genuine FujiFilm consumables, only available through our network.
Sustainability Commitment: Join us in our effort to promote greener printing practices with every FujiFilm printer purchase.
Over 25 Years of Expertise: Benefit from decades of experience in providing top-tier customer service and support.
Tailored Solutions: From selection through installation, EcoTech ensures your printing setup is optimized for your specific needs.

With the FujiFilm Apeos C2450s, experience the future of office printing today. This multifunction printer is more than a tool—it's a step towards more efficient, responsible, and innovative document management. Trust EcoTech Print Solutions to deliver not only the technology you need but also the values you share.

Explore how the FujiFilm Apeos C2450s can transform your office's productivity and sustainability. Contact EcoTech Print Solutions, your partner in printing excellence and environmental stewardship.

Fast output, high print quality, quick scanning

Enhanced print speed and superior print quality

  • High speed output of 24 ppm for both colour and monochrome
  • High-resolution printing of 1,200 x 2,400 dpi achieved with LED printhead
  • IReCT*, digital image adjustment technology, minimises colour misregistration.
  • Digitally corrects colour misregistration at high resolution of 1,200 x 2,400 dpi. The accuracy ensures the image reproduction with ultra-high precision
    * Image Registration Control Technology

Quick scanning of high-volume originals

  • Single-pass duplex scanning of Colour 50 ppm / Mono 60 ppm.
  • Equipped with Duplex Automatic Document Feeder (DADF)
  • You can scan both sides of the original at once. Since the original is not inverted, it protects the original document
  • You can load originals up to 110 sheets*
    * 80 gsm paper

A variety of scanning features

  • Various scanning features including Scan to Network (SMB/FTP), Email, Scan to WSD, USB Memory Scan and Scan from PC are supported

Quick and simple operability

Easy to operate with 7-inch colour touchscreen

  • Consistent operation steps of each function for a common brand operability


Home screen personalization for ease of access to commonly used functions

Pin regular settings for registering frequent or repeated jobs

Check images before sending

  • Easily enlarge, check and select faxes or scanned images by Preview function before sending

Copying and scanning ID Cards

  • Copy both sides of an ID card on a single sheet of paper
  • Scan both sides of an ID card and save to a shared folder on your computer or to an FTP server*
    * Server address must be set in advance.

Seamless mobile connectivity

Seamless connectivity with mobile devices or USB flash drives

  • Mobile devices can be connected for Copy, Fax, Print, and Scan jobs*1 using the Print Utility*2 application
  • Mobile device can be used as an alternative UI for operations control to minimise common touch points
  • With the support of NFC (Near Field Communication), you can print and scan from mobile devices simply by tapping the device UI panel
  • It also supports direct mobile printing using AirPrint and Mopria® Print Service
  • Scan directly to / print directly from a standard USB flash drive for greater work efficiency
    *1: Scan to Mobile, E-mail
    *2: Connect to machine via wireless LAN environment.
    Download the app free of charge from Google PlayTM or App Store.

Direct mobile connection for easy communication
Wired LAN environments and wireless LAN environments can be utilized simultaneously. A visitor who cannot connect to the office intranet can directly connect to the device via the Wi-Fi network

Check incoming faxes on the go

  • Incoming faxes can be automatically transferred to designated e-mail addresses, allowing you to view them by mobile device without missing any business opportunities

Enhanced security


User authentication and Private Charge Print using IC Card*

  • User authentication can be used to restrict unauthorized users from accessing the device or to set permission to access functions, such as printing in colour by each user
  • Private Charge Print using IC card authentication* prevents information leakage due to confidential documents being left on the output tray
    * Optional

Maintain a more secure office environment with enhanced security features

  • Store incoming faxes on the device with password protection, and it can only be printed when the password is entered. It prevents confidential documents from being left on the output tray
  • Audit log is supported for tracking to prevent unauthorized use of the device


  • Toner save function in increments of 3 stages saves toner consumption for documents that do not require high image quality
  • Super EA-Eco toner contributes to low power consumption as fusing is achieved at a low temperature


Standard: Copy / Print / Scan functions and Single-pass Duplex Automatic Document Feeder
Optional: Fax function / Tray Module / Cabinet

Standard Model

With Tray Module

With Tray Module and Cabinet*

*Tray Module is required for Cabinet install.